*COMING SOON...Supervision will be provided during workouts!!!

At Tahoe Tot Spot we're all about fun. Now we're making fitness fun and effective for the whole family! 

Paying for a gym and a babysitter can add up...A LOT!  Our fitness program offers many classes weekly to target each of the stages of parenthood including Strength, Cardio and Conditioning workouts. Classes have variable intensity based on the stage you're at, with the overall goal of helping maintain fitness throughout your life.  Plus, we offer monthly Fitness Tests to check your benchmark fitness and see your improvement. These are not wimpy workouts.  Come prepared to work hard, sweat and feel great.  Your child joins you for free. Babysitting is provided for some classes each week.  Please subscribe to our Facebook feed for current updates. This is the best deal in town!


4:30pm - Zumba 

4:30pm - Bootcamp 

4:30pm - Zumba 
9:30am - BARRE

4:30pm - Bootcamp

Friday classes will resume in September

9:30am - Bootcamp 

No Classes

For additional information, give us a call at (530) 541-5994 or stop by during normal business hours.  Check our Facebook page for immediate updates.

making fitness fun for families!