Other fun activities for kids in South Lake Tahoe

Tahoe is full of fun activities for you to do with your child.  ​Here is a list of many of the fun activities to do after playing at Tahoe Tot Spot. 

Baldwin Beach

If you park to the left there is a great stream running into the lake.  The perfect place for younger children to play, get wet, but not venture to deep.  It tends to be a little warmer for an added bonus.  Must pay for parking.

Reagan Beach playground

This is a great playground right on the water with lots of grassy open space and easy access to the water.  Dog friendly also.

Community Center Playground

Great playground for a good range of children. Located in front of the community center, gated and safe.

Stream Profile/Visitors center

Located on Highway 89 this is a great easy stroll to check out the local streams, flora and fauna.  Park at the visitors center and walk an easy flat loop through a grassy meadow, along the stream and marsh.  Most of the year you can see under water in the stream profile.  This is a must see in October when the salmon are spawning.  Be aware of wildlife and keep your distance from them.

Camp Richardson

Though it can be a little hectic in the busy season, Camp Richardson is a nice place to stop for an ice cream.

Angora Lakes

Up an easy 1/2 mile hill climb, you’ll find Angora Lake, a one-of-a-kind Tahoe gem tucked into a glacially carved bowl with two cliffs framing it. At an elevation of 7,450 feet, you’ll have a hard time finding this anywhere else. The trail up is usually pretty easily managed by small children, and not too steep. At the first of the two lakes, you’ll find absolutely unmatched, pristine beauty and an amazing place to swim or picnic.  A sandy strip of beach at the north end of the lake provides an excellent spot for soaking up the sun. There’s even a small store open in the summer that sells ice cream, sandwiches, treats, and famous fresh squeezed lemonade that’s worth the trip up on its own.

The Angora Lakes Resort operates at the second lake, offering rental rowboats, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. The upper lake is backed by a stunning wall of granite dotted with yellow bushes which reaches up to Angora Peak and Echo Peak. 

To get to Angora Lakes, take Highway 89 north 3 miles to Fallen Leaf Lake Road and turn left at the first paved road. Continue to Forest Service Road 12N14 (watch for bicyclists), turn right and continue past Angora Lookout to the parking lot at road’s end. Angora Lakes Resort is open mid-June through mid-September. To contact the resort, call (530) 541-2092.  You will need $7.00 for parking.

Upper Truckee Falls, Meyers

This short (20-foot) drop from the Truckee River is lovely in spring but fades quickly as the runoff dwindles in summer. The falls are found on the popular Hawley Grade hiking trail, which was once the Old Meyers Grade over Echo Summit before Highway 50 took over.

Getting there: From the junction of highways 50/89 in Meyers, drive west on Highway 50 a short distance, turning left onto South Upper Truckee Road. If you’ve brought bikes, this is a quiet 3.7-mile ride through a residential area, or drive until you reach the right turn for the Hawley Grade Recreational Trail. Choose to park here and walk the .3-mile to the falls (you may also drive); the main hike is to the right -– go left for the falls and the Upper Truckee River.

​Sawmill Pond (The best place to take kids fishing)

​This is a stocked pond that is truly just for the kids.  It is the best fishing experience for kids and only kids 14 years and younger all summer long.

How to get there: Sawmill Pond is located 2.5 miles west of the “Y” intersection on the Corner of Sawmill Road and Lake Tahoe Blvd.  There is plenty of parking in the lot off of Sawmill Road with a few spots along the road as well.